Filling the labour gap with Job Ready employees

Providing the industry with well-trained, entry-level construction workers looking for a fruitful career in homebuilding.

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Future-proofing the construction industry

With over 92,000 workers retiring by 2033, the OHBA Job Ready Program is preparing a new workforce to help fill the gaps.

Whether replacing retiring workers or expanding to respond to the demand for more homes, the residential construction industry needs more workers.

Building a bigger workforce starts with building the number of entry-level workers prepared to enter our industry. Bringing in large numbers of new hires and encouraging and enabling increased diversity on the job site requires on-the-job training, coaching and support for both new entrants and employers.

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50% of participants have already been promoted beyond entry-level roles

Training the next generation of Construction leaders

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“It tapped into a different market we didn't have access to. More importantly, it’s allowing us to work on the day-to-day business and not have to spend time on recruiting.”

Rick Martins
Huron Creek Developments and past OHBA President

“My Job Ready employee learned quickly and soon could be left alone to complete specific tasks, thus allowing me to take care of the things off-site during the day.”

David Gladwin
Gladwin Building Services

“The OHBA Job Ready program has really changed the onboarding process for us, not only are the participants pre-vetted but are also looking to build long-lasting careers in construction, which is exactly our culture.”

Emma Barber

“Having someone keen, interested, and engaged to come in to work was great to get the job done”

Ryan Cooke
Canadian Grounds Landscaping and Snow Removal/Brinks Property Services

“The OHBA Job Ready program helped me gain entry-level practical skills training, and experience to help me prepare for working in the construction industry.”

Milind Arora
Previous Job Ready Participant

“I work with a great team that makes my job fun. I enjoy demolition and seeing the different stages of the renovation unfold to the finished project.”

Daniel Lindo
Previous Job Ready Participant
Team Khachi Design+Build

“We get to do different houses every day. It never gets boring to work when you always see different challenges.”

Sabes Rasanayagam
Air Sealing Professionals

“It set me up with someone who needed my help and I have learned so much already.”

Stephen Rivard
Gladwin Building Services

“All of our Job Ready employees have been a great addition to the UBILD team. They have helped to boost the general construction worker supply pool which has ultimately meant that we can source more projects. The general construction worker crew are critical to the construction operation and the projects would not continue without them.”

Emma Barber

The Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA) Job Ready Program is delivered by EnerQuality with funding provided by the Government of Ontario Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development. The program is run in partnership with buildABILITY and The Career Foundation.

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This Employment Ontario project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.
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